Autumn “thank you” office party


Every year we look forward to having an end of the year office party.  It’s to show appreciation for all of the hard work through out the year! Most people like to do this around Christmas time, but for some reason we can never get the dates to work out so we end up doing it in November. I REALLY don’t like to call this a Christmas party if it’s in November.   Since Thanksgiving is slowly being passed up by Christmas, I’m starting to like the fit of having a thanks giving office party at the end of the year to savor the little bit of autumn we get to enjoy! And the timing, the week before Thanksgiving is good (not before).  It’s hard to plan what you are going to wear, it was 80 degrees earlier in the day and dropped to the 50s!  We are so lucky to be able to host a sixth annual.  Each year we try to come up with a new idea.  Most years we have a nice dinner party at a restaurant and one year we did a dinner mystery, which was different.   We’re not too big in the entertaining department, so this idea to have the party at a restaurant is better than trying to do it at our house.  We invite the team and their spouse or significant other.

The only issue with dinner at a restaurant is that you don’t get to have conversations with everyone, you do get to have a nice conversation with the people that are sitting next to you though 😉

This  year’s party was at Brix which I have learned stands for briks which is a measurement of the sugar content of the grapes at harvest for wine.  They serve great food and wine in a comfortable atmosphere.  We had a grotto style room to ourselves with a huge display of wines (which I was told are owned by individuals and displayed like a collection).  The owner once worked as a software developer and decided to open the place 6 years ago.  And it seems to be doing really well.  We were able to pre-select a meal of options for our guests to choose and picked out a few wines for the table.  Brix’s is in a really nice plaza that is already decorated for Christmas!  I think they start before Halloween around here…crazy!!!

Over the years I have really enjoyed listening to updates on how the team is doing on a personal level and it is so nice that the team has been together through the six years.  They are all very interesting, talented and it’s fun to hear how they all got here and what they like to do for fun!



Autumn “thank you” office party

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