Texan Thanksgiving Guest

You never know what kind of weather you are going to have in Texas for Thanksgiving. Sometimes it’s in the 80s.  This year lower 70s means sweater weather!  Also this year for us, Thanksgiving was not at our house, and for us that also meant nothing to make.  We brought pie.. store bought pie.  I do like to bake things but for years my husband has told me when it comes to Thanksgiving pie to get the one the grocery store bakes.  Guess people are not too impressed with my pie baking skills.  It is really hard to mess up a store bought pumpkin and pecan pie.

I love Austin, it is so pretty.  There are actually some hills.  Our relatives cook turkey in the oven and like to fry them too. I think they inject it with spices and then fry it in peanut oil for 40 minutes (outside of course)  They had 5 turkeys and 18 people.  So lots of turkey left overs.  I love a colorful plate of food.  The turkey is pretty neutral, however the veggies give the meal eye popping color.  My favorite vegetable was the roasted brussel sprouts. I remember really disliking brussel sprouts in the past and if they are boiled, they are awful.  However roasted with garlic, salt and olive oil makes them taste amazing.  Sweet potatoes are also a beautiful vibrant color and the sweet taste is also yummy!  I tried some cornbread stuffing made simply with onions, celery, and some sliced almonds which was a great twist!  And of course Pop’s fruit salad (ambrosia), made with soaked oranges in melon liqueur and rum.thanksgiving


It was such a pretty day to eat outdoors, with all of the people, the table was stretched into the hallway to accommodate the crowd.   It’s nice to have the flexibility in the space to extend the table beyond the room.  Most houses that I have seen in Texas have a formal dining room like this one and a separate “breakfast room”.  The breakfast room is where the family eats 99% of the time and is smaller than the dining room. For me, this is the biggest waste of space. I don’t even have a dinner party every year where we use the dining room table.  Mine right now is holding folded clothes, bills and a puzzle.   We had a buffet, self serve style.  Making a pass through the kitchen you make stops at the cook top and the surrounding counters to create your plate.


I love the outdoor space, it’s very pretty with two twin trellis covers, one covering the outdoor kitchen and the other covering an outdoor Texas fire place.  In between is a large patio table.  I was going for the turkey fryer in this picture.  The stone work and landscaping are very nice!


The cousins always have a good time together, it’s amazing how they have grown.  And it’s great that the family can have a nice time together.  I took my turkey tryptophan slumber watching the Dallas cowboys and woke up for some desert and more much needed rest!  So relaxing and so not me to do this much relaxing!



Texan Thanksgiving Guest

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