January fresh

Does the spirit of clean hit you in January?  It does for me!  I mean a step above the usual cleaning.  This week I had the floors professionally cleaned.  There is really nothing better than walking around on clean floors in rooms that are de-cluttered.    This is a battle.  I’m home most of the time because I work from home. So there is always a mess to be made and one to clean up.

I finally reclaimed the dining room.  Although I’m not sure why.  We don’t use this room at all and it’s on the small side as well.  It’s the room right next to the laundry room and it’s perfect for folding clothes.   The laundry “room” basically fits the washer and dryer.  From watching shows about houses around the world this is a luxury space we have.    So now we have a dining table and chairs on display…art.

Next the shower, it’s funny how in your social media feed you will see something that will strike you.  I saw a post about deep cleaning with a picture of a dirty shower (before) and the same shower clean (after).  Thinking of our shower, I thought maybe it’s time for a deep cleaning.   This house is 20 years old and even though the shower has been cleaned, the glass enclosure gets spots on it.  (I guess it’s the soap).  The spots only come off with a razor!   I scrapped the doors until you could see through them again.   And the caulking after a while gets moldy.  The entire shower enclosure is old and outdated.  It just needs to be ripped and replaced, but that is not in the budget so a deep clean will have to do.  I spent two days (not the whole time) scraping. I am forever hiding any bar of soap that goes in there.  From now on it will be liquid soap and hopefully that will help!  I replaced some of the caulking.  The shower base is fiber glass and the coloration is uneven.  I called two places asking about either painting it or replacing it and was told that you shouldn’t paint it. To replace it meant that the shower walls need to come out. UGH!  I might just paint it and keep doing it until someone rips it out. I still have more scraping to do on the frame but it is getting there.


With money saved by not hiring a deep cleaner, I thought maybe we can get a new shower head.  At least that’s my pitch.  The old one needs replacing because it is looking like a victim of corrosion.  Since I share this shower now comes the “discussion” with my husband.  We at least know that I will be installing it.  With that said, I have a lot of leverage.  I am not a plumber so there will be no re-configuring anything.  With all of the choices out there it came down to, finish, style, feature/functionality, ease of installation and most importantly water pressure. Home Depot had a lot of choices, most of which you had to order online.  Amazon had the same one for the same price and delivered faster.   (2 days and free shipping).  I will probably install an extension S bar so that it will point more downward.  I like it.



January fresh

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