20 days of grey

This has been a tough month.  Every day pretty much has been grey.  Having such a mild winter you would think we would be spared the dead that comes with a freeze.  Nope, just two days of temperature drops into freezing and everything looks dead.  We don’t get snow, but we sure do get rain.  I feel like I need webbed feet.  The entire week of rain adds to mildew that is all over everything and makes things look dirty with a backdrop of grey and dead.  Sounds pretty depressing doesn’t it?


I’m really trying to keep light here.  Added to this my dog was really sick. She is 12 and 1/2 and blind.  The vet told me her kidneys are failing and that a bladder infection was irritating the kidneys to the point she needed to be hospitalized.  My dog was so lethargic and sick.  It is really sad.  With the expense of blood tests to let us know what is going on and fluids they taught me to give under her skin she has been on the mend.  I have been able to spend an additional 2 weeks with her and there is always hope!  Dogs are very special.  There is nothing like the greeting you get from a dog when you return from being out.  That never gets old.  She sleeps most of the day and likes to lay around with you when you are lazy and she loves french fries! I’m so glad that she has been in my life.  Just need to focus on this day that I have with her <3!

Even though there has been a bout of unpleasantness, additional sickness in the house, there have been rays of light.  I’m really happy to have achieved the fundraising requirement for the MS150!  That’s pretty significant.  I guess you just have to acknowledge the sad and count your blessings, after all, that is life.  It seems like there will always be sadness mixed with happiness.

Tonight’s forecast…thunderstorms!  Just have to weather the storm, tomorrow will be a new day brimming with hopefully sun shine and tennis!

20 days of grey

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