Superbowl LI H-TOWN

It is such an honor for Houston to host the Superbowl this year. Even though neither one of the Texas teams made it, the experience of having the event in town is quite amazing regardless.   We are not Falcon or Patriot fans.  The activities are around the George R Brown convention center which is next to Minute Maid Park.  NRG stadium, where the game will be played, is a distance away from the activity.  I’m always amazed at how many people can park and get into this area in the 4th largest city in the USA.  It took us about 45 minutes at least to get in and thankfully we bought the NFL Experience ticket online because they were sold out.  There was a long line for security check.  Discovery Green is right in front of the convention center with plenty more going on accessible for free.


The NFL experience had a series of activities you could do.  There was a 40 yard dash, passing targets, kicking targets (punts and scaled down field goals).  There was autographing from varies players, viewing of the Lombardi trophy, displays of Super Bowl rings, plenty of photo opportunities like a 3-d life size player for every team that you can climb up and stick your head in.  There was a stage setup as NFL draft day where you can stand on the stage holding up the jersey for your team!  They had mock up news rooms where you could take pics as if you were reporting live in the studio or at the game.  There was a kid zone, with a football field for the kids to play on complete with stands.  They had a referee area demoing what they do on instant replay.  They had virtual reality, and just so many things.  dash

Outside is Discovery Green, here there was a concert and Fox Sports setup, more stuff to see…even an ice skating rink!  All things NFL are pricey.  The NFL experience cost $40 a ticket, I was able to get in free and also got parking for free, it’s $20 at least to park. All of the sites outside were free and there were so many people there.  Elton John slipped in the back of the Marriott Marque (right in front of us!!!)

I’m really glad we went.  If your city is hosting the Super Bowl, that is special!  There is no way we would pay the game ticket price to be there live, so like the majority we will be having our Super Bowl spread at home and watching the game on TV.  I baked a chocolate cake that I cut in the shape of a football.  Had to freeze it so that I can frost it.  Then our main dish is a stadium snack tray…idea from Pinterest of course!!

I made this cake twice, once was a disaster with an 8inch pan the second time with 9 inch was better using a template (instructions online).  Let me just say chocolate cake is the HARDEST thing to frost.  It takes so much patience!


I also saw so many snack tray ideas.  When we do snack trays they are so boring.  For Super Bowl we wanted to do something special!  This is the outcome…. Lots of work but my son really liked it so that is worth it!


Superbowl LI H-TOWN

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