Mardi Gras Texas Style

It’s that time of year!  I know there are many carnival style celebrations in different places. Mardi Gras of course is famous in New Orleans, the Texas version is in Galveston.  I have been exploring some of the food and activities around this celebration.  My daughter went to Galveston with friends to experience the party, parades, dancing, and lots of people!  I decided to stay home and watch the Rockets.  So when I woke up I thought about beignets. Beignets are New Orleans French donuts.  When I went to New Orleans, I remember having them served in a paper bag. There was so much powder sugar on them that it gets all over you.  They are really light and fluffy.  We went to a restaurant near us here that had them and they are different than the New Orleans style.  Not as messy.  It satisfied the craving, however they weren’t the same. These were served with a caramel sauce and had more of a crust than I remember, the inside was light and fluffy.  But of course I wouldn’t have been able to see a crust on the ones from New Orleans because of all of the powder sugar!


Fat Tuesday is coming up, and since I don’t have time to get creative on Tuesday with dinner, I decided to try tonight.  My son has never had étouffée.  This is a dish that has crawfish or shrimp with sauce served with rice.  It’s roux based which is made by whisking butter and flour together until it turns brown (how did anyone think to mix butter and flour together until it turns that color I will never know).  It has onions, celery and green pepper in it with a bunch of spices.  It turned out pretty good.  You serve it with hot sauce if you like.


Here is a note about hot sauce.  It is interesting that people from different places have their hot sauce preference.  My daughter prefers Cholula.  I would think most people from New Orleans would prefer Tabasco.  Cholula is imported from Mexico and Tabasco, the brand McIlhenny Co.  is from Louisiana.  I did a little searching and found that the ingredients are the same except for the pepper. Cholula uses pequin and arbol peppers. Tabasco, which apparently has a history of origin in Mexico is named after the state in Mexico.  The peppers all look different. When you visit another state, they probably have their local preference of hot sauce on the table.  (So my daughter carries her own).  That is some serious preference!



Mardi Gras Texas Style

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