Stitch Fix

I gave my husband the gift of a personal stylist.  The men in my house don’t like to shop, which is great for me and my daughter because we more than make up for that (her more so than me)!  I’ve never been one to pick out clothes for my husband, however one day he went to work for business casual Friday and I thought maybe he could use some options.  I’m definitely not a serious fashionista, but I have noticed over the years the look of Friday business casual has gotten too slouchy.  Maybe this is more comfortable, however, my husband is trim and honestly the baggy un-tucked shirt look just doesn’t look good.  Just because you get older doesn’t mean that you can’t find something comfortable that looks nice, especially for work.  I really am not one to talk, I throw stuff on and look like hell when I walk out the door.  If it was for work though, I would make an effort to be more put together.

Internet marketing has gotten good, somehow a company matched me with Stitch Fix because I have done some online searching for personal stylists.  I thought my husband might find it interesting.  Recently, he traded in his 80s white tennis shoes he wears with jeans for colored casual shoes and this was a moving moment for the family.  Instantly he no longer looked like a middle aged Michael J. Fox from the 80s.

The one thing I didn’t like about Stitch Fix is that you have to make a commitment to ordering without really knowing the full process.  When you setup a profile, it asks for a credit card, and you can’t go beyond that until you do.  You do say how often you would like a delivery.  I decided that we would do once a quarter.  When you setup your profile, you list your age , sizes, price range and you pick from pictures of outfits that suit your taste.  You also pick out patterns and colors that you like and what to avoid.  The first outfit I requested was something for business casual.  It takes about 10 days from the time you place your order to get your “surprise”.

My husband opened his gift after a short explanation from me on what it was.  He was willing to take a look.  In the box came 3 shirts, a pair of pants and shoes. Two of the shirts were button down long sleeve and one was a polo short sleeve.  The pants were casual and olive color and the shoes were casual grey lace ups.  A card with the items pictured in outfit scenarios (in color) came in the box with a descriptive note about the items and how to wear them.  The examples had clothing like jeans that weren’t included in the box to show you how to incorporate the items with your existing wardrobe.  You keep what you like and send the rest back (free shipping) within 3 days and you pay only for the items you keep ($20 charge per item for your stylist). That’s it.  He kept 2 items.  Sweet.





Stitch Fix

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