March Muster MS150 Ride

Another day closer, the March muster meeting was held yesterday for Team Wood Group on their campus.  At this meeting the much anticipated jersey uniform was distributed.  I am so excited to have received this!  The jersey is a really cool bluish grey displaying a graphic of a cyclist with the Houston skyline on the front and the back with a cyclist and the Austin skyline, it has the company name and logo and red accents.

The final information was given about the plan for the team.  My decision is to leave with the team at the company campus which is about 9 miles from the Tully stadium start.  I want to be a participant in the team photo.  New pieces of information included that volunteers will wash our jersey’s and setup the bedding for us in the team tent.  Also new info is that we are having barbecue for dinner and What-a-Burger breakfast food for the morning at the over night stay in La Grange.  It will be nice to recognize some familiar faces at the stops for lunch and dinner even though I don’t work for the Wood Group.   Socializing is coming slow as there are not many women on the team.  The coordinators are women and they are friendly.    It will be nice to have someone account for me in the sea of people at the event since I am solo.

We had a speaker, Lisa Sailor,  who has MS, describe her experience living with the disease. She mentioned that just three days ago after at least 20 years a new drug was FDA approved called Ocrelizumab which targets the primary state of MS which is about 10-15% of patients according to STAT in a recent article.  Although reports are saying it’s not the cure, the medicine is showing that there are measurable results in the positive direction. (slow progress).  My son asked if you can die from MS?  You can, however most people live an average life expectancy, handicapped.   Even though I don’t personally have family with MS, my mother lives with a severe handicap effected by nerve damage.  And although it is not auto-immune, I still have hope that even if she is not categorized in a lump group of people with a common disorder, the effects of the damage can somehow be repaired with new medical technologies discovered from research like this.

My bike journey began with a bucket list and turned into something that I am happy to be a part of for other reasons.


March Muster MS150 Ride

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