Spring things

This week it’s back to cooking and enjoying spring.  I have to post this beautiful picture of blue bonnets because they are amazing.


Again it’s time to host a dinner get together with 3 friends (I party so hard).  I wanted to do this floral arrangement I saw on pinterest.  I saw some tulips and thought how cool it would be to do this arrangement with Peeps and lemon drops.  I’m a good copier.  The arrangement turned out cute.  I had to get some more tulips and peeps to complete it once I figured out to use a cake/punch bowl for the base.  And then I realized how needy tulips are.  They require an entire cup of water a day.  I don’t think these are going to last a week.  It’s been 3 days, maybe they will last 5.  Both my husband and daughter were horrified I used peeps because they are full of sugar and they are worried about ants. Which is definitely cause for concern, especially here.  So far we are ant free.


My big thing was the dessert.  I made the same carrot cake cup cakes which turned out cute last year and I thought were pretty good.  They are made from scratch and have pineapple, applesauce and carrots in them and oh yeah a ton of sugar.  Then they are surrounded with toasted coconut.  The rest of the meal wasn’t as intense.  I made a tortellini BLT salad and served, well salad with it and bread.  LOL, they are so kind saying they liked it, but I don’t know.  I like the BLT salad, it has the cheese tortellini, spinach and cherry tomatoes with a ranch dressing.  The salad was one of those from the bag, it had some kind of  vinaigrette and sunflower seeds in it.  And the rolls were yeast rolls that did take about 1 and 1/2 hours to make.  I’m not really sure they even liked the cupcakes, but what the heck.  We got into the hot tub and chatted for a while !  No one even wanted wine.  What a shame!  I really like fish and not many people here in Texas like it.

However, I did make an AMAZING rainbow trout yesterday.  I didn’t take a picture of it, but it really was good.  The guy at the meat counter gave me this beautiful piece of fish for free.  I thought it was salmon, but he said it was trout.  And I said I have never had that, so he said try it for free.  I put salt and pepper on it and then dredged it in flour.  Then dipped it in egg and coated it with a mixture of panko, almonds and dill.  After it browned in a pan, I put it in the oven with some carrots and asparagus coated in olive oil and rosemary.  Wow!  What a meal.  We squeezed lemon on it and I mean, I don’t think I could have had a better meal here in suburbia.  At least a fish meal.

So excited for next weekend’s tennis tournament, an upcoming wedding and the MS150! April is going to be a great month!


Spring things

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