Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing everyone a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Mom’s are pretty special.  I’m lucky to be one.  On a day like today when I can’t be with mom, the family planned something nice for me.  Which is special.  I do enjoy my time to myself in the mornings with a cup of coffee to get the day started.  The weather is so nice outside, I decided to go for a bike ride around the lake.  It was fantastic! The water was still, so nice not to have to deal with the head wind.  Saw other momma’s with their ducklings in tow.  And all of the people out there getting some exercise.

The plan for today was to go to brunch.  With no reservations, I thought my group would struggle with waiting.  I picked Dish Society which is a farm to table restaurant in a nice area called La Centerra.  They have a few shopping/dinning areas like this around Houston, another one is called City Centre and there is yet another called the Vintage. They have lots of restaurants and shops and it’s all out doors.  La Centerra even has a Trader Joe’s which is a pretty cool grocery store.  Dish Society was very smart about recognizing the crowd they would draw.  It’s a small place on the inside, but they had added a lot more tables outside to accommodate everyone.  We had a 15 minute wait to place our order then found a table.  I had steak tacos and a mimosa!  They were to die for.  With lots of cabbage on top!    They limited the menu to brunch so that helped as well.


My handsome son dressed up for me!  My daughter who was out late the night before brought me flowers and had no time to get ready before brunch.  She looked a little rough.  I debated if I should dress up because I knew I would be right back outside sweating.  It was worth it though!  It was great to talk about summer plans and spend time together.

A mother’s job is never done!  I got off easy making dinner for the boys.  They had hot dogs.  My daughter and I had fish.  I made a coconut steel head trout with mango salsa and served it with brussel sprouts coated in garlic, olive oil, honey and sriracha sauce.  I think I went a little heavy on the salsa, it turned out really good.

mango fish



Happy Mother’s Day

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