Progress not Perfection

Progress not perfection, this is something I know is true.  This week we moved a house of 17 years partly to storage and partly to an apartment.  On move day I worked all day with 4 movers tossing stuff, sorting stuff and storing stuff.  My fitness tracker went well above the goal and I have it set to the highest level! Going from a house to an apartment is really tough.  Again the benefit is selling the house and not having to worry about two mortgages.  Trying to look at the bright side of apartment living, at least we chose a really nice location.  I took my kayak and plan to kayak towne lake, which should be fabulous!  Now let’s see if my kayak will be stolen off my balcony.  Fortunately we have a very private balcony when I saw it, I said YES I’m bringing my kayak.  My husband said no to hanging my road bike as decor in the living room (storage issues)  I still don’t see why not.  I wouldn’t do that in our own house, but apartment life, why not?  So the compromise was the bedroom?


The biggest issue with the apartment is space.  The pantry was cut in half (I threw out half the house pantry).  Clothing storage is also an issue, I have clothes under my bed and in the linen closets.  There is no space to hang delicates from the wash (so they are in the shower until they dry) and another issue is clutter.  I can’t handle it.  There must be a place for everything and that is the current challenge.  My computer is in the living room because I’m the first up.  It’s set up on an end table with an ottoman as a chair.  Not the best solution, but one that I hope can work.

I’ve noticed some apartments now don’t have dining spaces.  It does have a large bar and with barstools this is now the “dining room”.  We had two dining areas in the house and only used one.


We are living in the apartment for 7-8 months.  I can’t wait to see how this all works out.  Are we definitely going to close Tuesday?  The house was a mess after the move which has taken 6 days to complete the move after the initial movers.  I’m glad we moved a week in advance of closing.  The garage and the storage room were the hardest areas to clear.  At the end I had a mound of garage at the street and was feverishly trying to get people to take furniture which went through “Offer Up” and a neighbor who took some tables and an armoire.  Then the mess.  Lots of vacuuming (the vacuum kept getting clogged) and scrubbing of the pantry shelves and we even had to do some major paint touch up in the laundry room so that it wasn’t a shock looking in there.

Our last meal at the house was tacos!  I’m going to miss the space!  We’ve done this before, only for 3 months! We will survive again.  Sadly my mood has turned pretty down, not sure if it’s the 6 day endurance of the move or a week with no exercise.  Weird.  Time to make it a point to do some cycling and running to see if it makes a difference.  My running route will change, funny how people are creatures of habit.



Progress not Perfection

Roam if you want to

It’s getting closer!  The culmination of selling a home we have lived in for 17 years, moving into an apartment and going on one of my dream adventures all within a couple of weeks.   I will never understand the timing.  Even though I didn’t get to plan the dream adventure entirely my way (to go with family), I’m happy to be going with other adventure enthusiasts.  My big bend trip moved to the second week because of the closing.  I am now in full on prep mode.  This with a move going on too!

The first thing I decided was that I am going to drive alone for 9 hours to Big Bend in a rented jeep Renegade.   Back in my college days it was not that big of a deal to make the trip from south Florida to Tallahassee which was at least 8 hours, so I figure this will be the same.  I found out that we will be in the Chisos basin group camp sites with no electrical hookup.  Rented rooms at the lodge on day two for showers.  This weekend I plan to get a new tent and a propane heater (Mr. Heater).  I searched all over for a battery powered heater fan and they just don’t exist.  I don’t mind camping, I just don’t like to be cold.  I’m so looking forward to the simplicity…hopefully.  No cell service in big bend so no checking my phone.    My previous plan included a hike to the Window, staying in the town of Terlingua, a trip to Balanced Rock and the Santa Elena Canyon.  Plans are now slightly modified.

Day One: travel

Day Two: I have signed up for the Lost Mine Trail hike.  I would have done this with the family but didn’t plan on it because they aren’t hikers.  It’s 5 miles and 1000 feet climb, considered moderate.


Day Three: float the Rio Grande.  I don’t know that I have ever navigated class two rapids.  We will be in inflatable kayaks with a guide.  This ought to be interesting.

float trip

Day Four: Hike to South Rim, 12-14.5 miles, strenous.  Pretty much all day.  My kind of activity.


When I leave, I plan to go visit the town of Terlingua.  I hope the weather will be as beautiful as it looks in these pictures.  I do plan to bring my moutain bike, although I’m not sure how much I will use it.  Somewhere I will fit in the Window which is best viewed around dusk and it is .25 mile from the Chisos basin, I should be able to see it.  And I can’t wait to see the stars at night.  I’m grateful I’m able to do what I love and find people to go with…even if they are complete strangers, we share the same goal.  Adventure awaits!!

Roam if you want to

Eats in San Diego

We took a “Food Network” tour in San Diego and it was a cool way to get to the beach town of Ocean Beach which the locals call OB,  We stopped at places Guy Fieri had visited.

The first stop was to a Mexican restaurant called El Indio Shop.  Being from Texas I find it interesting to see what CaliMex is like.  The people from Mexico look different in California.  Their facial features especially.  We do have taquitos (a rolled corn taco filled with meat and fried) in Texas but I just don’t see them served or ordered .  The restaurant is now owned by a third generation family member.  She let us into the kitchen to see how they make their corn tortillas.  They soak the corn for 24 hours and then they grind them and press them.  The only ingredients are water, lime and corn.  And they are amazing.  We had a sample of their tamales also, home made masa (a corn flour) which they make there as well.  The restaurant sits up on a hill over looking San Diego.



From there we went to OB.  The beach town is very different from the beaches near LA.  For one, it wasn’t crowded.  Maybe because we were there on a Wednesday.  We got to see the original Hodad’s which is a famous burger restaurant.  The original owner past away not too long ago and his son Shane now runs the restaurant.  Hodad is a term they created to describe a guy who pretends to be a surfer.  They have two locations, the one next to the beach was closed for the first time in 30 years to do something with the floors.  We did eat at the one in town.  We sampled a Guido burger which had pastrami on it.  It was really good.  The pastrami was almost like bacon.  It was very tasty.


We also sampled noodles from the OB noodle house.  They have a special peanut butter whiskey that is so secret they don’t make it on site.  I love peanut butter and it was almost like a kaluha.  They say you can’t taste the whiskey, but I’m not sure I would know since I don’t drink it.  Thumbs up on this place!  The owners are Vietnamese and had to buy up several properties to expand from 8 tables to be able to hold the large crowds that come for their Pho.



There are still a lot of hippies around.  They took us by a youth hostile where you can rent a shared room for something like $40/per night.  The tour guide recommended staying in the area in an Airbnb property.  I really enjoyed going to the cliffs.  I was thinking of the massive cliffs I saw on the west coast of Mexico in Puerto Escondido, but these cliffs were miniturized.  Cliffs none the less and still a very cool place to sit and watch the ocean or even the sunset.


Our final stop was for dessert.  We went to a place called Extraordinary desserts and had an extraordinary chocolate dulce de leche cake complete with fresh flowers and some kind of gold dust.  What a treat!!!



I enjoyed the adventure and will not be converting careers to food tasting…albeit enjoyable not good for the waist line.  Better get back to tennis.

Eats in San Diego

San Diego Top Gun

What an amazing day!  We managed to make it to a sales reward for performance trip and the destination is San Diego.  I’ve never been!  Everyone says the weather is amazing and it’s true it is!  We did a fun mock amazing race at Balboa park.  And then a cash cab ride home which was so much fun!

The rest of the day was the really cool part.  It was a secret and a surprise to visit the Miramar military base.  This is where the film top gun was filmed, which at the time VR22s were not in existance, but now we have these very cool helicopter/airplanes.


This military aircraft converts from a helicopter to an airplane!  Really cool to see them fly!  What a treat it was to see this and then go to the officer’s club to eat lunch.  They served Mahi!!!! My favorite!  And we got to participate in assembling wheel chairs and write post cards.

Top gun was filmed here and it’s amazing to see the incredible energy of the young people like Everett.  Listening to the kind of training they have to do to get here and the fact that he was from the midwest and the first of his family to be in the miltary.  You could see in his eyes the desire he had to fly this amazing aircraft.  What an incredible feeling to meet young people like Everett, there is defintely hope.   Not every young person is destine for such an exceptional position.  He was humble, knowledgable, energentic.  Everything I would ever hope to see in a young person that could fly a machine worth $90 million!  Everett was not a cocky person like Tom Cruise portrayed.  He was more like a dedicated person, who knew the amount of work that it would take to get through the “pipeline” to his goal.  And he was patient, and confident that he would get there in a really good way.  These are all the important traits that I hope we can have in our military support.  I’m so happy that I got to meet him…


It was really cool that the they tied in the “Top Gun” theme with top sales.  So cool.  I have to say that I really respect the young talent that train at this base.  It’s hard to believe my company got here and I have to say that I admire the people here.  I’m not cocky to say that I got here because I’m amazing.  We really got here through some luck and it just so happens to be that I feel a connection with this young man at my older age in the fact that I identify with the “pipeline” to get where you need to be.  It’s work.  And I really appreciate the humbleness.  I have to say in sales it’s really important to connect with people so that they trust you.  I really value that connection.  I believe that what I sell is technolgy, I want you to be successful,  I don’t want to sell something people don’t need.  That should make me a horrible sales person.  But it didn’t this year!


San Diego Top Gun