Rite of Passage

My senior is now going through the final ceremonies that complete the chapter of high school.  It’s such a difference with a boy and girl.  I’m glad to be a mom of both.  Prom is different from what I experienced.  My son is very laid back.  I was hoping he would go to prom.  He asked a friend to be his date and he did a promposal with the help of a friend.  His date is going to study in the medical field.  The promposal says, I would be lifeless without you at prom.  It was cute, they went for ice cream at the board walk and his friend had the sign there and they took a picture with it.  The only problem is that the sign was miss spelled.   I used to look at people and their kids and ask, how are they so perfect?  They never make mistakes?  Then, my own hardship taught me that mistakes are an important part of life.  They will be there.  People get so worked up about it.  The lessons you learn from making mistakes are the key.  Life is such a balance, it is important to not make mistakes especially when it really matters and you are going to make them. So was the promposal a fail because the word lifeless was miss spelled?  I say no!  You can’t go through life without trying.  And something so little can be laughed about after the fact.


Next tuxedo rental.  My son and I went to Men’s Warehouse to rent the tux.  I asked him before what color is his date’s dress?  He said grey, and I said light grey or dark grey?  He didn’t know.  When we arrived the sales guy asked the same thing.  I picked silver and hoped it would work out.  My son is a slim build and the slim tuxedos are twice the cost of the regular…it was $200 for his rental.  This is more than my dress cost and my daughter’s at prom!  And we are only renting!

We talked about getting a corsage for his date and I asked my son if he wanted to go with me to the florist across the street to pick it out and order it.  He asked if I would do it for him.  I don’t think this is so bad. When I got there the lady asked me the same thing, what is the color of her dress?  This time my son had sent me a picture of it.  It is actually a smokey grey and sparkly.  I know it would not have been his thing to pick out the bracelet that attaches and the ribbon and flower.  I quickly noticed I didn’t know either and gave the florist the basic info and told her that I trusted her to make it look good.  I think it came out spectacular…


My son went to pick up the tux a day before prom.  Remembering the last picture fiasco, I made sure he was aware I wanted a picture of him in the tuxedo.  It rained, so we had to find a place to take the picture under cover.  I chose a senior living home across the street, it’s a nice place.


You can’t go through life without a little bit of drama.  His date was late and didn’t give him a time to be there.  He had an option to go to dinner with another group, but it sounded like he would be dateless.  I’m glad he waited it out, asked if he could be there at 6:30PM and went to dinner with her.  Prom started at 8PM at a center that is massive with banquet rooms and sporting venues.


The best part is that he came home safe ❤


Rite of Passage

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