A different kind of Mother’s Day

There will be no pampering this weekend.  First I have to mention how proud I am of my grad.  My son graduates in a couple of weeks, I’m talking about Lu graduating puppy class.  We completed six weeks of training.  She is doing really well with potty training.  And she did pretty well with learning to look at me (she is very focused to begin with, intense!), will sit, leave it, drop it, walk well on a leash, stay and come.  These are the puppy basics.  We name her toys and she knows which one is the ball, bone and lizard…lizzy.   She was in class with only big dogs and wants to play with everybody, although they all did pretty well paying attention.lunagrad

I have been working on making the house a home.  We ordered new furniture for the dining room and living room and it came in this week.  It’s hard to visualize the end result but it’s getting there.  My husband and I worked together on it and found furniture between 3 stores.  I really like how the dining room is coming together.  The table is 60 inches and will fit 5-6 around it.  This will be very comfortable for our family.  We found a buffet that has a unique finish and iron open doors.  The bench anchors the room and will allow for more seating and a place for people to put their things.  The decor we put on the wall and the window treatments will really pull this room together.


We got a quote for blinds on 12 windows which are not all of them, I’m hoping my husband will let me do it myself.  It’s about $100/per window to order and have them installed, and $50/per window if I do it. With the savings we can have curtains made to frame the windows.

This house features the ability to centralize the media equipment.  In the design concept of the great room, there is no entertainment center.  The set top box and sound equipment can be out of site in a centralized closet.   We spent a lot of money on a really nice entertainment center that we are not moving into this house.  No one wants them these days sadly.  We got a really expensive quote for the setup of the sound system and I’m hoping a friend can do it for less.


I think taking time to find wall decor that will make the house a home will be worth it.  So this is progress.  It’s not complete, it’s moving forward.



A different kind of Mother’s Day

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