Exercise routine changes

I’m really happy about moving to our new home and sad about giving up familiar enjoyable routines.  I have been going to Pilates at the same studio for 5 years.  I know there are studios out there where the instructors are not focused on the student’s correct movement.  I experienced that with Orange Theory.  I tried Club Pilates today and am excited that this studio will be my new home.  Well, not this exact studio, they have a franchise and I will be going to one closer to our new home.  The owner is from Canada and is purely a business man.  He has chosen a good product and the trainers are well trained.  I am going to make a 3 month commitment (once a week) to try it out.  It’s about $20 per class and it’s better than going to a Chiropractor.  Soon, I am going to have to give up my membership to the tennis club.  Tough decisions.


There is a beautiful view of the lake at this studio!  And mirrors, I have been suggesting that for a while at my other studio, not because I want to look at myself, it’s because it’s easier to see if you are in the correct form.

As the summer heats up, cramps become an issue for me.  Last week I lost a tennis match because of cramps.  When the toes cramp and you can’t run.  I drank 2 large pickle juices that kept me from retiring the match.  This week I have to do better.  It was suggested that I try two different things.  One is a drink called The Right Stuff, supposedly developed by NASA and available online.  It’s a super electrolyte additive.  The other is called Hot Shot, per their website, it states that the mouth stimulates the nerve receptors that somehow prevent cramps.  I’m leery on Hot Shot, still willing to try it.  You can buy this at a bike shop.   I didn’t get to play singles this week, so I don’t know if the cramp prevention worked or if I didn’t need it.  I purchased an electrolyte supplement in capsule form at the bike shop, swallowed one before the match and one at the second set.  There was no cramping.  Out of desperation I will try the Hot Shot.

Someone mentioned that you should get paid to work out!  My husband’s company came up with a great idea to do just that.  If you wear a fitness tracker and you participate in moving, working out and healthy habits, you earn points that equate to dollars.  After a couple of months I’m up to $100!  It is possible to get paid to work out!

Exercise routine changes

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