New Home Living

We have been in the new house for a week.  It’s overwhelming, I start unboxing something and then get distracted and switch areas.   It’s hard to keep focused when there is so much to do.  This week we got a lot accomplished.

My husband just wants to keep buying which is driving me crazy.  He stated he isn’t using  wire hangers and proceeded to order wooden hangers.  I put the clothes on the hangers for him and there wasn’t enough.  I convinced him to go with plastic for t-shirts.  His side of the closet… and mine…pics below!

When we left our old house, many things needed to be replaced.  We bought a new lawn mower, trimmer and blower.  The lawn needed attention!  And my husband replaced our patio cushions.  I wondered if it was a good idea to keep the patio furniture.  It ended up costing us a small storage unit for 6 months.  At least we didn’t have to put out more money for a new set.  We don’t have a grill right now so I went to the store to get an electric one, which they did not have.  I went for a table top propane grill for $30 because eventually we will do a nice grill.   An hour later I’m still putting together the pieces and it didn’t work.  Convinced that this grill would work, the next day I kept trying and finally got it to work.  So happy for hamburgers!


We are dealing with an AC problem, they have been out twice to repair it.  This is one of the many things that is stressing me out!  In Texas you don’t need to have AC problems, especially a brand new unit.

The breakfast room re-purposed to an office space is coming along.  I found some art at the “At Home” store.  You can get some great decorating ideas walking into some of the builder model homes.  I’m going for updated on a budget.  Deciding on how to setup this room was not easy.  I looked for ideas on the internet, nothing really helped.  It was weird that we walked into the furniture store, saw the desk and chair and then the vision came together.    We walked into many furniture stores, some just don’t have the style that excites you.  The desk just needs a lamp and a couple of decorations and it’s done.  Simple and no clutter.




New Home Living

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