Windows of Opportunity

We have been working out the quirks of the new home.  We have some issues with the technology and with the AC units.  Things to be frustrated with, however so long as you are determined to resolve, it will be ok.  It’s been a couple of weeks and we are working on windows.  For the bedrooms, I convinced my husband to let me install blinds from the local home improvement store.

We had two drapery makers come out this week.  One was double the price of the other.  The lady that was less expensive was Russian.  I love her!  We work well together.  She brought books of fabric and it was super easy to make a choice.  Once the room has the fabric, it will be cozy.  It would seem the trend in window treatments is simple panels, geometric designs and mainly neutral colors.

I spent most of the beginning of the weekend getting the guest room ready for my daughter.  It’s still a room with random furniture, just less of it now.   It has an eyebrow window and to cover it for privacy has been a challenge.   There is a balance between living like you are in a fish bowl, exposed and covering all the windows up.   While looking at blinds that will fit the wide window, I learned that a Palladian shelf can be installed in the window to provide the middle support that is needed to hang the blinds.  One quote I had was $900+, however I can do the shelf and the blinds for $180.  In the meantime, I used a shower curtain tension rod with her sheers for some privacy until the order comes in.  By leaving the arch and the three windows above it open, there will be enough privacy and enough light keeping the room looking spacious even though it is relatively small.


My husband’s office windows are too narrow for blinds and shutters seem to be a commitment to cover up the windows.  To solve this problem Nora suggested a traverse rod with linen panels.  She showed me a video of one of her previous projects and it seemed like it was the perfect solution for his office.  It will have a little bit of a formal look and masculine with the light grey solid color.  He will have the privacy he wants in the evening and the ability to enjoy the view which is of a small court yard during the day.


Tonight we had dinner together and it was everything I was hoping it to be casual and intimate.  I love it!

Windows of Opportunity

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