Exercise routine changes

I’m really happy about moving to our new home and sad about giving up familiar enjoyable routines.  I have been going to Pilates at the same studio for 5 years.  I know there are studios out there where the instructors are not focused on the student’s correct movement.  I experienced that with Orange Theory.  I tried Club Pilates today and am excited that this studio will be my new home.  Well, not this exact studio, they have a franchise and I will be going to one closer to our new home.  The owner is from Canada and is purely a business man.  He has chosen a good product and the trainers are well trained.  I am going to make a 3 month commitment (once a week) to try it out.  It’s about $20 per class and it’s better than going to a Chiropractor.  Soon, I am going to have to give up my membership to the tennis club.  Tough decisions.


There is a beautiful view of the lake at this studio!  And mirrors, I have been suggesting that for a while at my other studio, not because I want to look at myself, it’s because it’s easier to see if you are in the correct form.

As the summer heats up, cramps become an issue for me.  Last week I lost a tennis match because of cramps.  When the toes cramp and you can’t run.  I drank 2 large pickle juices that kept me from retiring the match.  This week I have to do better.  It was suggested that I try two different things.  One is a drink called The Right Stuff, supposedly developed by NASA and available online.  It’s a super electrolyte additive.  The other is called Hot Shot, per their website, it states that the mouth stimulates the nerve receptors that somehow prevent cramps.  I’m leery on Hot Shot, still willing to try it.  You can buy this at a bike shop.   I didn’t get to play singles this week, so I don’t know if the cramp prevention worked or if I didn’t need it.  I purchased an electrolyte supplement in capsule form at the bike shop, swallowed one before the match and one at the second set.  There was no cramping.  Out of desperation I will try the Hot Shot.

Someone mentioned that you should get paid to work out!  My husband’s company came up with a great idea to do just that.  If you wear a fitness tracker and you participate in moving, working out and healthy habits, you earn points that equate to dollars.  After a couple of months I’m up to $100!  It is possible to get paid to work out!

Exercise routine changes

A different kind of Mother’s Day

There will be no pampering this weekend.  First I have to mention how proud I am of my grad.  My son graduates in a couple of weeks, I’m talking about Lu graduating puppy class.  We completed six weeks of training.  She is doing really well with potty training.  And she did pretty well with learning to look at me (she is very focused to begin with, intense!), will sit, leave it, drop it, walk well on a leash, stay and come.  These are the puppy basics.  We name her toys and she knows which one is the ball, bone and lizard…lizzy.   She was in class with only big dogs and wants to play with everybody, although they all did pretty well paying attention.lunagrad

I have been working on making the house a home.  We ordered new furniture for the dining room and living room and it came in this week.  It’s hard to visualize the end result but it’s getting there.  My husband and I worked together on it and found furniture between 3 stores.  I really like how the dining room is coming together.  The table is 60 inches and will fit 5-6 around it.  This will be very comfortable for our family.  We found a buffet that has a unique finish and iron open doors.  The bench anchors the room and will allow for more seating and a place for people to put their things.  The decor we put on the wall and the window treatments will really pull this room together.


We got a quote for blinds on 12 windows which are not all of them, I’m hoping my husband will let me do it myself.  It’s about $100/per window to order and have them installed, and $50/per window if I do it. With the savings we can have curtains made to frame the windows.

This house features the ability to centralize the media equipment.  In the design concept of the great room, there is no entertainment center.  The set top box and sound equipment can be out of site in a centralized closet.   We spent a lot of money on a really nice entertainment center that we are not moving into this house.  No one wants them these days sadly.  We got a really expensive quote for the setup of the sound system and I’m hoping a friend can do it for less.


I think taking time to find wall decor that will make the house a home will be worth it.  So this is progress.  It’s not complete, it’s moving forward.



A different kind of Mother’s Day

Rite of Passage

My senior is now going through the final ceremonies that complete the chapter of high school.  It’s such a difference with a boy and girl.  I’m glad to be a mom of both.  Prom is different from what I experienced.  My son is very laid back.  I was hoping he would go to prom.  He asked a friend to be his date and he did a promposal with the help of a friend.  His date is going to study in the medical field.  The promposal says, I would be lifeless without you at prom.  It was cute, they went for ice cream at the board walk and his friend had the sign there and they took a picture with it.  The only problem is that the sign was miss spelled.   I used to look at people and their kids and ask, how are they so perfect?  They never make mistakes?  Then, my own hardship taught me that mistakes are an important part of life.  They will be there.  People get so worked up about it.  The lessons you learn from making mistakes are the key.  Life is such a balance, it is important to not make mistakes especially when it really matters and you are going to make them. So was the promposal a fail because the word lifeless was miss spelled?  I say no!  You can’t go through life without trying.  And something so little can be laughed about after the fact.


Next tuxedo rental.  My son and I went to Men’s Warehouse to rent the tux.  I asked him before what color is his date’s dress?  He said grey, and I said light grey or dark grey?  He didn’t know.  When we arrived the sales guy asked the same thing.  I picked silver and hoped it would work out.  My son is a slim build and the slim tuxedos are twice the cost of the regular…it was $200 for his rental.  This is more than my dress cost and my daughter’s at prom!  And we are only renting!

We talked about getting a corsage for his date and I asked my son if he wanted to go with me to the florist across the street to pick it out and order it.  He asked if I would do it for him.  I don’t think this is so bad. When I got there the lady asked me the same thing, what is the color of her dress?  This time my son had sent me a picture of it.  It is actually a smokey grey and sparkly.  I know it would not have been his thing to pick out the bracelet that attaches and the ribbon and flower.  I quickly noticed I didn’t know either and gave the florist the basic info and told her that I trusted her to make it look good.  I think it came out spectacular…


My son went to pick up the tux a day before prom.  Remembering the last picture fiasco, I made sure he was aware I wanted a picture of him in the tuxedo.  It rained, so we had to find a place to take the picture under cover.  I chose a senior living home across the street, it’s a nice place.


You can’t go through life without a little bit of drama.  His date was late and didn’t give him a time to be there.  He had an option to go to dinner with another group, but it sounded like he would be dateless.  I’m glad he waited it out, asked if he could be there at 6:30PM and went to dinner with her.  Prom started at 8PM at a center that is massive with banquet rooms and sporting venues.


The best part is that he came home safe ❤


Rite of Passage

Taking a Break

How is it possible to take a break with so much to do?  We are still moving, which is a big priority.  We have a month and then we are out of the tiny apartment.  The only sad thing is that we are leaving the area where I have built friendships and have long standing workout activities that I love!

Through tennis I have reached out to meet new people in my area and have already joined two teams that are closer to the new home.  Still not giving up my friends!

My daughter really wanted me to visit this weekend.  Sometimes you just got to take the time to do the things that are necessary for your family’s sake.  I visited my daughter and her new dog this weekend.  I’m such an action packed weekend planner and sadly, I’m not sure my daughter appreciates that.  She has finals this week so I thought I’d make her a lasagna that would last for a few meals and help her with a few little things.  I brought the heavy duty vacuum and went with her for the first time to the onsite laundry (she always brings her laundry home).  I really hope she will be comfortable using the onsite machines now.

savannahs pet

She has a rescue pup and I am not thrilled that she wants to bring him to our house.  My issue is shedding and chewing.  I hate the fact that she needs the animals to be happy.  It is what it is.  The dog is nice, it’s just that animals are expensive and are a lot of responsibility.  Recently my dog took my mouse and I couldn’t find the batteries.  Xray’s cost $270 ouch!    Her dog just got neutered and she feels bad leaving the cone on his head, while she wasn’t looking he took out the stitches.  When I got there his incision looked ok.  It’s these kinds of things that make me dread the animal situation.  She also has a cat.

I did my mom thing, helped my daughter with her apartment stuff and made her food.  Finals are this week.


I was going to bring Luna, but with all that was going on with her pup, I didn’t feel it was a good idea.  My little girl got groomed and has been licking one side creating matting that I had to cut out.  I love her so much.


Taking a Break

Lu the star student

I signed Luna up for puppy training at Petsmart.   I waited until she had her shots before signing up which they require (and don’t check!!!!)  It’s $100 total to go for the six weeks, one hour a week.  Yesterday was our third class.  They teach, recognition of their name, sit, walk on a leash, greet without jumping on people, leave it, and down so far.   I wish I would have taken my first dog to training, I may have mentioned how terrible she was around people.  I still think that part of that is a dog’s disposition and there are things that you do that can add to a dog’s anxiety.  It is really important to lead your dog.

Luna is in a class with 2 German Shepard puppies that are 10x the size of her.  We all occupy the training area and sit away from each other, if our dog barks, we turn them to face the wall.  I encouraged the family to attend the dog training class with me.  This week I got my son to come with me.

We were amazed of how quick the dogs learned leave it and she actually learned down.  The trainer talked about behavior issues.  Luna likes to steal socks and currently she has been hiding under the entertainment center and chewing the wood.   The sock stealing can be dangerous for dogs, if eaten, they can cause blockages in the intestines requiring surgery.  I have been negotiating with her to release things she has with treats.  This effectively teaches her to do exactly what she isn’t supposed to, another reason that people need training just as much as the dogs do!  The trainer taught me how to squeeze her gums into her teeth so she releases objects and it works!  I’ve been trying to pry it out of her jaw which didn’t work.

For chewing, the trainer suggested using the product Bengay which is an ointment that relieves muscle pain, I went to purchase this and read that it’s poison if ingested.  This is the only bad suggestion she has made.  I went back to the bitter apple which is much safer for dogs.  When she goes under the entertainment center, I dig her out, put her harness and leash on and keep her next to me.  I had to do that multiple times yesterday.

For the most part Luna goes to the bathroom in the correct spot.  On occasion she will pee in the wrong spot.  The trainer was adamant about removing the dog from the area,  saying nothing, and cleaning the area without her around.  She suggested to continue making it a big deal when she goes in the right spot.  The idea is that the dog responds to positive reactions and actually want your positive acknowledgement.

It’s worth it to go to dog training.



Lu the star student

High School Senior Pic FAIL

As a mom, there are some of those moments that you look forward to with your children. A child who made it through 12 years of education is an accomplishment that is celebrated in many ways, a graduation ceremony, prom, college visits in some cases and pictures.  Usually it’s the picture with the cap and gown that you remember.  Lately, it has become popular to take pictures of your senior with scenic or meaningful backgrounds and you can truly come up with some unique casual photos that are creative and are more than just the solid color backdrop with the “say cheese” smile. My plan was to use one of these “senior” pictures in my son’s graduation announcement.

I have been talking to my son for weeks about arranging for a picture.  He liked my idea of taking the picture at Minute Maid Park.  He was trying to make arrangements so that we could go and take the photo of him on the field and unfortunately never got a call or email back.  Photographers charge $500 for a session, and we just didn’t want to spend the money.  We just want a decent picture.  My husband has a friend with a fancy camera and he said he was willing take the picture.  To set that up required taking away his time and he lives further away so when my daughter suggested taking the picture with her boyfriend’s camera, I thought, why not give it a try.

I bought a nice button up shirt in Astro’s colors and wanted to try taking the photo in a few different settings.  A local neighborhood practice ball park, by the railroad tracks, around water, etc.  I wanted to try blurring the background leaving him in focus and was really excited about getting creative with it.  Sadly because I didn’t give my daughter’s 18 year old boyfriend ample time, it caused an argument.  It was 10:30/11:00AM on a Sunday.  I didn’t even push a specific time and said we’ll go looking for a spot and then he can meet us.  Because I dismissed the need to schedule this session with her boyfriend down the street, my daughter said I was being difficult and I was kicked out of my own photo session with my son.  (She suggested to my son that the three of them go on their own).  I like to give myself some time to evaluate before reacting, so I returned home and let them do their thing.  I did explain that I was disappointed and sad that I wasn’t included.  I managed to get one picture on the scoping session before it ended abruptly.  If you have ever tried taking pics of little kids and they cry, this is the 18 year old version of that effort.  My son’s point is that he had in mind a different place.  No one seemed to understand the idea of taking pictures at different spots, all within minutes of each other and on the way.  With busy work weeks, I don’t see that I have to execute the same level of effort just to get family together to take a picture.  You never know what goes behind the seemingly effortless amazing senior photos other people have.

I’m taking a relatively sad day and making it playful…here is my son’s graduation picture.  He loves baseball and you can come up with your own idea of what his expression says about graduating.  My thought….”Oh no!  Now I have to go into the real world!”  Priceless!  I did get to play with some effects in an imaging program, vignette, didn’t get the blurred effect though.

travis senior picture

High School Senior Pic FAIL


It’s here!  Finally.  The house has been cleaned everything is done and we are ready to close and start the 6 week move process!  We are really happy with the design decisions we made and now have more to make with the interior.

our house

We purchased the sofa sectional after visiting the house and taping off the dimensions to see how it would fit.  We have agreed on the smaller 60 inch round table for the formal/only dining room and instead of buying the chairs that go with the set, we found some tufted chairs for $75/per chair!  This will not only save money, it will give it a casual – formal look.  We still need the buffet and the bench for the opposite walls, window treatments, a rug and artwork.  We have a long way to go.

I finally have decided on a setup that will work for my office which is in the breakfast room that we are not using for dining.  This is a win that I sold my husband on this idea.  I know I will be happy in this space.



I am also happy my husband is helpful in making the decisions on what we need.  We sold our last house with the refrigerator which means we need to buy one.  As it turns out, this was great because our new refrigerator will need to be counter depth!  These are things you don’t notice until you start putting in the appliances.  Our last house had the refrigerator on a separate wall and it was built in for a good size depth refrigerator.  A counter depth refrigerator sticks out less and is a lot smaller because of it.  I don’t do a lot of storage, so it will be ok to have a smaller refrigerator.  The builder assumes the laundry room will have another refrigerator and allows space for it.


Since Luna came into our lives we have adjusted by lowering our mattress to the floor so she can sleep with us and jump off the bed to get to her potty pad.  Now that we are going to be setting up our master bedroom we need a solution for Luna to get in and out of the bed.  She is now 5 months and jumps on the furniture and sits on the back of the chair in the living room.  So we are going to purchase a day bed that will allow her to get in and out of bed!  I love dual purpose furniture.  It’s called a daybed and we can use it for guests, yay!


Still more decisions to make and things to do.  All of this with a senior in high school getting ready for prom and a puppy in training.  Life is really busy for us!