Valentine’s Day in the Houzz

No line no wait at home for Valentine’s Day.  Reservations required!  Since we have implemented the once a week dinner at the dining room table rule, it has been going well.  And Valentine’s Day is on Thursday, that will be the day we eat at the table. New this week, different decor.

When we moved in I hung some of our old art from the old house even though I have been really tired of looking at it.  This week changes are here!  I put up a grouping of  botanical prints.  Now we have something different to look at and I like it!  The group is bigger on the wall than the magnolia print.  I enjoyed giving away the magnolia print on Offer Up for free.  It was a nice piece of art.  My hope is that it will bring the next person joy as it did me for a long period of time.


My husband and I are at a disagreement with the opposite wall.  He likes the art that is there from the old house and I am done with it!  My plan is to hang a big mirror.  He’s exact words were , “we are not mirror people”. What does that mean exactly?  My deal with him is that I will get the mirror and if he hates it, I will take it back.  I’ve been looking for the right one.  Yesterday, I went to Ethan Allen to get a better look at one I saw online and decided it wouldn’t look right.  The designer at the store showed me what they could make custom after I showed her pictures of the room.  I politely and enthusiastically smiled and left the store saying that I needed to check with my husband.  There is no way he would pay that amount of money.

So today I went to pick up a mirror from Pottery Barn. It’s still on the expensive side and I’m not yet completely in love with it. I might go back and get the bronze one. It’s a little too light grey for the space. This is the love/hate part of decorating. Deciding on what you love, once it’s there it’s most likely going to stay for a very long time. I still need to hang it. It’s heavy at 35 pounds.

Now for the meal plan for the week. I already have them scared I’m serving sugar free deserts.

Valentine’s Day in the Houzz

30 days to close

Just about.  The house is coming along.  May of last year we chose to build a house, setting in motion a year long project.  Most of the time it doesn’t take that long to build a house.  We delayed the builder as long as they could go.  We put our house on the market in September, sold in a few days and moved into an apartment.  We dealt with the Design Center and choices with the builder, very confusing as to who does what with Toll Brothers.  We took advantage of a national sales event which gave us credits to use during the building process .  Most of the credits were used towards the extended kitchen island, exterior covered patio, and master bathroom.   For the most part we stuck to our budget.

The results are that we are happy with the exterior.  Adding corbels was extra for the elevation we chose, once painted dark,  they should pop.  My husband made a good choice with the double door entry.  And I’m happy with the changes we made to extend the kitchen island, move the fire place so that it isn’t centered on the wall, have a large covered patio and what the builder considers a luxury bath which gave us a short hallway to our bedroom off the living room.


And I like the vanity nook too (we converted the linen closet to a vanity nook for $700 bucks).  This idea solves the problem of a place to put on make up.  The nook idea worked.  All of the linens can be stored in the cabinets.  We are liking the floor plan!


Not sure we are loving the the cabinet and interior wall paint selection.  The builder grade paint has very little pigment.  Hopefully with neutral you can’t go wrong? My husband thinks it looks like we couldn’t make a decision between warm tones and grey tones.  I wish the builder would have had a little more options in customizing the kitchen cabinets.  They are a little plain.


The fireplace stone is from Eldorado stone and the color is castaway.  At the last minute, I went for a warmer tone on the stone choice.   We won’t get the exact living room setup as my idea picture I had posted a while back, however it will be close enough.  To get the firebox off the ground and narrow is really expensive for some reason.  And I though it was expensive enough just to make the change we have.  The fireplace is not wood burning , it’s just gas, so there is no need for a hearth which sticks out too much in this space.  For now we are leaving out the mantel as well.

The wood floors are to go in this week.  I still can’t believe we are this close.  For four months we have been living in the apartment.  I can’t see us living in the house, however I am looking forward to it.  It will be a major change in routine. Everything will be different.

So much to do before then.  I submitted all of the paperwork they requested for closing which was a lot.   Who doesn’t have things they don’t want to do?  Who knows how long we will be in the new house.  I remember when we moved into our previous house, I had hopes that my kids would go to school there and that we would stay in the house for their entire school years.  We were really fortunate to achieve that.  I wonder what it would be like to know ahead of time how it will work out?  We still went through hell with my daughter and had to change schools, for the most part it worked out.

Who knows what life will bring in this new location.  The best advise is to not be tethered to anything.  God provides what you need and you need to go with it.  I really wish I would have fully understood this earlier.  Still, so happy we were able to achieve our life in one place for a long period of time.  That is done and can’t be taken away.


30 days to close

Gearing up for MS150

The MS 150 is a one hundred and fifty mile bike ride from Houston to Austin over 2 days. The event beginning in Houston is held once a year at the end of April and raises $16 million dollars on average ($13,000 riders) for multiple sclerosis.  MS effects 2.3 million world wide. You have to raise $400 in order to participate as a rider.   This  has been a dream of mine for a long time, and this year that dream is coming to reality.   With the purchase of a road bike last year, I am ready for the challenge.  I went to the new rider orientation this week and learned that after the almost 40 years they have been doing this event they have come up with 19 medications to help with symptoms and just 10 years ago there were 3.  They raise a tremendous amount of money for support of this disease ($232.7 million/year) and it makes me sad that no cure has been found.  I hope that the money that is contributed to this disease also benefits advances in repair to nerve damage.

How do you achieve that fund raising amount?  I have to admit, everything about this is a challenge.  Sure I have participated in giving and asking for funds, but never to benefit me directly.  I mean, it is for MS, but in order for me to ride in the event, I need to raise $400. That’s the way I look at it anyway. I posted on Facebook and told family and friends and business associates.  To my amazement and surprise I achieved the minimum. Apparently for ever dollar contributed 84 cents go directly to research and services.  About that, as I learned, events like this are responsible for about 63 percent of the overall fundraising for the year.  It is absolutely amazing how many volunteers it takes and the overwhelming logistics involved in running the event.  I guess you have to spend money to make money and that works better on a larger scale.  They make it easy to receive donations by setting up your own page

A friend of mine encouraged me to join a team and went so far as to forward me an email from the team leader with an entire Power Point on the team.  Joining a team is a great idea because you get some additional support in that they provide a team tent for camping at the 1/2 way point in LaGrange.  (They will have generators and their own food/water, showers and toilets)  They also transport your gear to LaGrange as well as Austin.  If you don’t join a team, you can camp on your own in the general camp area and food is still provided (your luggage will be transported to LaGrange for free).  So now I am a part of Team Wood Group!  It does cost me $100 because I don’t work for the company.  So my investment so far is $200 (team+registration fee).  I am going to get the team jersey, don’t know how much that will be but expect it to be between $50 and $75. And since the team doesn’t transport back, I will need to take the event provided bus back from Austin for $35.

I learned that there are rest points every 10-12 miles, support vehicles to assist riders, lunch provided 1/2 way on day one and the day two ride as well as overnight camping, dinner, showers and rest rooms.

I now plan to leave from the Wood Group which is about 9 miles away from Rhodes Stadium (which is one of the three starting points).  The team captain will pickup the team member’s ride packet and have a night before food fest or carb load.  We leave at 7AM.

Now onto training.  At this point I need to do 20 miles a week, I have been doing 15 and I need to ramp up to 40 miles (will have to be over two days because I don’t have that kind of time in one sitting).  Also, they have plenty of rides in preparation with a group.  I am taking a group riding skills class offered for free and required by the Wood Group in February.  There are rides to register for almost every weekend around the state that can be used for training for distance and have the support vehicles in case you need assistance. Might try one of those.  And lastly, some additional gear.  Need a light, case with tube and CO cartridges as well as a tool to change a tire to carry on the bike.  Also need to be sure to have sun screen for face and lips, and sunglasses.  Will also find out during the group skills training what to pack for the Wood Group team tent for sleeping.  SO EXCITING!!!

The route:




Gearing up for MS150

Tis the season to gift (ideas)

There is nothing like the stress of Christmas shopping.  With 1 week away the pressure is officially on.  Yesterday I woke up at 5am feeling inspired.  I finally did a bunch of Christmas shopping online.  I’m still struggling to come up with unique thoughtful gifts.  I do love to give, it’s hard to come up with new ideas for people that you have probably given to for years.

I’m on a kitchen theme this year.  There are just some things you need to replace.  So a gift of cutting boards, knives, measuring cups, etc.  (Meat thermometer that you cook with in the meat).  That’s the theme I’m going with.  In my Texas adventures this year I did really like the fact that you can get Texas olive oil.  So I found the olive orchard we visited in Wimberly Texas online and ordered a bottle for my friend.  It was pricey for olive oil.  The gift does have that unique factor I was going for.

For my dad I was really going for some good cookie sheets and remembered I love Pampered Chef cooking sheets.  So this can be a good thing or bad, I always read the reviews now (and participate in giving reviews as well).  For the pricey Pampered Chef pans a good percent of the reviews said they warp.  WHAT?? NO!  So then back to Google and a search for good pans, I found some on Amazon with good ratings.  I really hope they work out, cause that is what I went with.  What would we ever do without consumer reviews and online shopping?  This seriously is the best thing since sliced bread.

We do a white elephant at Christmas with my husband’s side of the family.  There are at least 10 adults plus.  We each bring a $50 wrapped gift and place them on the table.  Then all of us draw a number and the person with the number one picks a gift first.  The gift can be stolen a maximum of 2 times.  This is a nice idea for a large family when you don’t have the funds to buy for everyone. And challenging because what the heck do you get?  Believe me I have executed Google searches on this for years!  If I go with the kitchen theme, I may make some happy, but what about the people who don’t cook?  I mean last time I got a Victoria Secrets gift card, what if my father-in-law picked that?  LOL!

Next, when the boss invites you over for a Christmas party and likes wine what do you bring?  I mean, I’m good with any table wine.  I do appreciate a really good wine, and the wine served at his party was really spectacular.  My husband thought I should ask the Specs liquor store people for a good wine.  I wasn’t really sure about that.  When my husband hosted his party we did it at a really nice wine restaurant (they serve food, wine is the main attraction).  The wine we had was really good and they selected it.  So, we found that wine at Specs and at least have an idea that it was good.

What do you get a teenage boy?  Google and Pinterest are saving me again.  They have some really great ideas for giving gift cards and the presentation of them.

Last but not least.  We had two parties that required a gift for $10-$20.  One of the parties was a gift card exchange.  I tried to find a creative way to give more than $10 and found just that on Groupon.  I purchased movie tickets at a local theater that serves food for $5 a ticket (worth $10 per ticket).  I put two tickets in a popcorn box that I got at a party store and stuffed it with theater style candy (hot tamales and M&Ms) and a bag of microwave popcorn.  This we used for my husband’s office gift exchange as well.

Gifting can be fun and stressful.  I’m up early again to try and finish shopping.  Tis the season!





Tis the season to gift (ideas)

Christmas Lights Houston

Never would I have guessed we would have such an amazing display of Christmas lights at the Houston Zoo.  With a cloud blanket over the city, temps in the mid 50s, and no wind, this was the most pleasant winter dazzling display of lights I have seen.  My son and his friend wanted to go, so I purchased tickets on line (smart choice).  Because of the amazingness and the fact that we live in a very populated area, there was a huge crowd.  My son suggested we buy tickets online which I did. ($20/per person for prime time…weekends after dark).  I figured parking would be a zoo…pun intended.  When I tried to turn into the zoo, it was blocked and I saw the sign to park at the overflow lot with shuttle in (shuttle free, parking $6, credit accepted…yay).  This was about 1.5 miles away and the wait to get onto the shuttle at least 20-30 minutes.  So very happy to have dressed warm (jeans, sweater, comfy ankle boots and coat).  My party of boys were dressed warm too thankfully!.

Once we got there, I saw another huge line to purchase tickets which we walked past.  Then finally onto some excitement….the lights dance with Christmas music.


There are arrows that guide you through the park.  Most of the animals were resting and not visible.  The lights are very dim so you can’t see much in their habitats.  We did see a giraffe that was up.  What an amazing animal!  I noticed the parrot habitat had heat lamps and you can see the shadowy silhouette of the birds resting by it.   My son was hungry so we stopped for a bite, I noticed they were serving adult beverages and hot beverages at stands…different.

As we walked, we were mesmerized by lights.  So many lights and it was so nice to meander around the park.  This is a really nice zoo.  We are right in the center of the medical complex and Rice University. They did have white “statue” animals that they shined lights on that moved and changed color.  They decorated around the animal’s habitats, like light up flamingos by the flamingo habitat.  They had underwater themed lights, floral themed lights and so many trees covered in solid colors of red, green, blue, purple and white.


We saw this towering Christmas tree too…



Tis the season!  Shuttling out of the park took much less time than in.  Even though there was a large crowd, it didn’t bother me because the display was so worth it.  It took about an hour to go through the park, you could spend more or less time.  It would be fun to go on a date or with family.   It did take the entire evening considering the drive and getting in and out of (that’s just more time to be with the people you love).

Christmas Lights Houston

Christmas spirit mood

Finally we are getting some cooler weather.  And the days are definitely darker.  This is exactly the type of inspiration to get into the holiday spirit.  Little by little the decorations are coming out.  I struggle with liking the same decorations every year, but once they are up I love the atmosphere.  Especially at night or in the early morning when you look at the soft glow.  It’s cold outside and raining.  We’ve enjoyed a fire in the fireplace twice this season.  With it usually so warm in south Texas, when it gets into the 40s, it’s cold inside. I have fought not to put on the heat and so far haven’t had too.


Another big mood setter is Christmas baking, every year I bake something to give away.  This year I wanted to try making Christmas tree brownies.  I always give myself an opportunity to try in case it doesn’t work out, that way adjustments can be made before the final product is gifted.  So this recipe called for an 8×8 pan, when I made the brownies they came out way too thick.  So I cut them in half and will use half the batter next time.  I guess I could use a bigger pan, but the brownies at 1/2 the size are perfect! My nana always made brownies, blondies, toll house cookies and rum balls for Christmas ! I really loved that ! Miss her ! I aspire to be like her , active, friendly , helpful, fun ! She was a beautiful person !


I made chili too.  Texas is FAMOUS for chili.  Tonight couldn’t be a better night for it.  I have adjusted my recipe over the years and this is the one my family really likes.  The most important ingredient is the meat.  The grocery stores will provide chili meat which is usually chuck 80% lean and it looks like 1/4 inch thick tubes.  Here is our recipe for 4 people:

1 lb of chili meat

1/4 green pepper (diced)

1/4 onion (diced)

1 clove garlic

1/2 can of 14 oz pinto beans

1/2 can of 14 oz kidney beans

1/2 can of 28 oz crushed tomatoes

seasoning (1 tablespoon of cumin, 1-2 tablespoons Gebhardt chili powder)

Directions: Brown beef and add to a crock pot.  Then add diced peppers and onions, garlic, drain beans and add crushed tomatoes to the pot and put it on low to warm for 1-2 hours.  It may seem wasteful to leave the rest of the can.  If we liked leftovers, we would add more meat and use all of the contents of the cans.  Otherwise, we can just use the beans and tomatoes for something else.  We top it with shredded cheese and serve it with frito corn chips (just the regular kind) I guess I would name it low key chili.   It’s not really spicy and it doesn’t give anyone indigestion.

The rest of this evening needs to be spent next to a roaring fire with a Christmas movie. Just need the football game to finish 😉

Christmas spirit mood

Orange Theory

A fellow fitness enthusiast friend of mine told me that Orange Theory (which is a workout place) is offering a free trial class and suggested we try it together.  Inspired by my blog, I thought, why not try it and write about it?   I do plenty of fitness (sometimes every day of the week), but sometimes you have to change things up a little.  There will be less tennis during the holidays, so maybe a little new fitness routine may be in order.


The Orange Theory studio is definitely new and kind of small.  The lighting in the studio is lit with big brilliant orange lights.  The class can have 20 people (maybe a little more) and depending on the popularity of the class they can have multiple groups.  The first thing you do is put on a heart monitor.  They call their class types endurance, strength, power or a combination.   We spent about 20 minutes on a tread mill, and the rest split between a rowing machine and some floor exercises that incorporated some Pilates like movements and equipment like the TRX.   The treadmill exercise was at heart rate intervals.  So the theory, as they say, is to keep your heart rate in the orange zone when you “push it”(for me that was about 150 beats per minute) for about 20 minutes of the class.  That way you will keep burning calories for up to 36 hours (that would be the after burn effect, or a speed up in metabolism).  They split the treadmill work into three groups: “base pace”,  “push it” and “all out”.  And that was split into three more categories based on if you are a power walker, jogger or runner.  There are monitors with your name on it so that you can see your heart rate and the percentage of time you are in the target zone.  This is also important because your goal is to stay in that zone 84% of the time.  And then there is something called a splat point which is earned by remaining in the target zone for a minute.

I’m not a big fan of the treadmill, but I do like the interval training that this offers.  The rowing was more momentum oriented which for me, a big Pilates advocate, is abnormal. The floor work was the same, too fast.  Just because you do more reps at a fast pace doesn’t get you results if you think of working out in Pilates terms.  Slow and controlled is the Pilates way.  I had some questions too, the instructor demo’d the exercise once and was almost too busy to spend additional time explaining.  I guess I am really spoiled by the attention I get at the Pilates studio.  My Pilates instructor is really careful with the 8 in her class watching to make sure your position is correct so that you don’t get hurt.   I don’t feel like this level of attention is given because the instructor has so many to look after.   That is a big red flag, especially as you get older.  I need to be careful working out.  Fitness is something that can turn into injury that will prohibit me from playing tennis.  And I’m not about to let that happen.  I like the slow and controlled strength training you get out of Pilates and the balance work.

Overall the best thing about the class for me was the interval training for your heart.  And for me that is important with tennis.  So many times you go all out in tennis, then have to recover.   The rest, was concerning for me because of the possibility of injury.  I don’t know how places like this make it with easy injury risk.  I think my friend and I were the oldest in the class, but we “killed it”…for first timers.


The cost was not bad.  It’s $59 for once a week for a month.  And $99 for two or three times, and $159 for as many times as you like.  No contract.  And you can just show up for $28. I burned 400 calories. Whoo hoo!



Orange Theory