Houston World Series Dog Show

It has been in the 100s this week mid day!  So we found something cool to do!  Visit the dog show at NRG.   It was held at the convention center.  Parking was $12 and adult entry $15 cash!  On the agenda:

  1. Meet the breeds
  2. Agility showcase
  3. Breed judging
  4. Visit breed rescue booths.

And for me, find a Bichon!  And pet as many cuties as possible.  We first went to the meet the breeds and found this little cutie.  It’s a Miki.  The ones we saw were so tiny.  You could tell they have such little fragile bones.  I love small dogs, however when they are this small, I worry that they are too fragile.  This is Morgan.


The agility showcase was pretty cool too, the dogs would race over obstacles, through tubes and weave through obstacles.  I think the star of the agility show is the border collie!   Right next to the obstacle course was a grooming showcase.  They had poodles decorated with different kinds of spray color and hair styles.


I was on the hunt for a bichon.  Since ours died a few months ago I want to find a breeder or a rescue.  I found Audrey who was about to compete.  She is absolutely gorgeous!  One day I will find another bicon frise…


We saw some of the dogs being judged.  We were allowed to walk where they are preparing for show.  Some of the handlers are friendly, others are quite unfriendly.  I mean come on, it’s dogs!  I love watching the bouncy happy dogs with the sparkle in their eye, it’s all I can do to contain myself from running up to them and petting them or talking to them like they are babies.  Ok so maybe that’s why the handlers ignored me.


We browsed through the pet food and accessories and made our way over to the rescue booths.  I was able to hold a Shih Tzu named Sugar.  She was 10 years old and the sweetest thing you have ever seen.  I would love to have her, I don’t think I could take only 4-8 years then a broken heart again.   It’s something to consider.  They didn’t have a Bichon Frise rescue sadly.

Just look at these cuties… Dogs are very special ❤

Houston World Series Dog Show

Happy Valentine’s Day

What comes to mind for me when I think of Valentine’s Day is dinner, chocolates in a heart shaped box and flowers!  And when I was a kid the little valentine cards we would bring for our class mates.  I think it is a sweet gesture to say something kind to your classmates especially when  you are really young.  Going out to dinner is crazy now a days. Most places are packed with a long wait unless you have made reservations well in advance.

Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year.  It’s definitely a night in for us.  So I decided to decorate the table.   The family noticed right away and while it’s not the decor I would like all year, it is fun to have it for a couple of days.  It was cheap too  (and maybe a little cheesy).  I think they like the little extra sparkle that comes around this day and definitely the chocolates!  Although my daughter says, “that is so extra”. And yes, it’s extra special for you 🙂


Looking through Pinterest I found some cute heart shaped meals.  We did a heart shaped pizza last year.  I like to try different things.  Chocolate covered strawberries will be for dessert!

I decided to do a little adult craft while looking for heart shaped cookie cutters, I saw a bunch of corks in my drawer.  I’m certainly not great at crafts and probably spent too much time messing with this today when I had so much to do.  But oh well, sometimes you have to bring the creative out.


If you love your family by cooking for them, then maybe you can appreciate this plan.  We are starting the day with heart shaped cinnamon rolls and red sprinkles!  For my daughter she will get her belated Valentine’s breakfast tomorrow.  Fried heart egg (using a heart shaped cookie cutter for the yolk).  For dinner, pasta carbonara for the boys with salad, heart shaped garlic rolls (using frozen dough) and salad with heart shaped cucumbers.  My daughter and I will have salmon salad.   And to start the day each of the kiddos get a box of assorted chocolates with a special Valentine’s day note.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I read the history, one story is that St. Valentine performed wedding ceremonies for soldiers during a time that was forbidden for soldiers to marry.  St. Valentine is said to be a Christian and healed children.   True or not, I’m thankful for the celebration of love.  ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day


This Valentines day I’m really thankful for all of my loves!  The tradition of going out to eat and receiving flowers is well appreciated!  For me, I am grateful for a great dinner out and I absolutely love flowers.  It is not necessary every year.   So this year it’s dinner in for us.  I treated my child with a heart shaped pizza!   It’s Pizza Hut!  It comes uncut with a thin crust and whatever toppings you order on it.  My other child is dating.  They plan to go to a fancy dinner.  I explained that Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to go out, it’s nice too, and there are many other ways to celebrate love other than going out. My concern is for the boy to spend money he doesn’t have.  Not something I can control of course.  I can only suggest that genuine gestures are the ones that mean a lot even if they aren’t particularly fancy…I think the heart shape pizza is adorable!  For the rest of us, dinner tonight will be home cooked!  Steak, baked potato and asparagus.  Yum!  I splurged on a great cut of steak.


Today was spent thoughtfully on putting together a gift for my husband’s birthday.  I say that, however I do believe there is some self seeking involved (in that I didn’t want to pay an electrician).  Still, maybe that’s ok? I wired two switches that can be controlled through the internet.  They are voice activated with the Amazon Echo option and you can turn them on regularly as well.  It took about 6 hours.   Dedication is key and it pays off!   If you have free time anyway, why not be a do-it-yourselfer?  I’m guessing we saved about $300 by doing the electrical work.  (Part of his gift is for me to install it!)  And the money saved will be to pay for a trip to Fredericksburg for our anniversary next month.   Half the fun of a trip is planning and looking forward to it!  We are fortunate to have a friend that is practically an electrician!  What a gift to give…knowledge!  I hope to be more on the giving end of that as I get older.

Can’t wait to blog about Fredericksburg.  It’s a little town in the Hill Country…that is in central Texas.  The terrain changes there and you have more of the rolling hills and it is absolutely beautiful.  The town itself was settled originally by Germans.  So it’s like a step into Germany.  In March, there should be bluebonnets out.  The bluebonnets are wildflowers and are special to Texas.  Usually in the spring when you travel on the freeway between cities, there are tons of people that stop and take pictures in the bluebonnets. Everybody does it!!!!  So I will be sure to take some pics.  Besides shopping and visiting Texas wineries (which I’m anxious to try…Messina Hof, I wouldn’t think wine is too good in Texas given the heat, but who knows, it sounds cool)…there is also the enchanted rock.   So the story goes the Tonkawa indians were the first to believe the area is enchanted (the rock especially…it’s a big rock, like one you can climb). Apparently there are some different stories.  So, the plan is to go there and find our own story!  I think the magic will be in getting my husband to climb to the summit…426 feet in .6 miles.  That shouldn’t be terrible 🙂