Progress not Perfection

Progress not perfection, this is something I know is true.  This week we moved a house of 17 years partly to storage and partly to an apartment.  On move day I worked all day with 4 movers tossing stuff, sorting stuff and storing stuff.  My fitness tracker went well above the goal and I have it set to the highest level! Going from a house to an apartment is really tough.  Again the benefit is selling the house and not having to worry about two mortgages.  Trying to look at the bright side of apartment living, at least we chose a really nice location.  I took my kayak and plan to kayak towne lake, which should be fabulous!  Now let’s see if my kayak will be stolen off my balcony.  Fortunately we have a very private balcony when I saw it, I said YES I’m bringing my kayak.  My husband said no to hanging my road bike as decor in the living room (storage issues)  I still don’t see why not.  I wouldn’t do that in our own house, but apartment life, why not?  So the compromise was the bedroom?


The biggest issue with the apartment is space.  The pantry was cut in half (I threw out half the house pantry).  Clothing storage is also an issue, I have clothes under my bed and in the linen closets.  There is no space to hang delicates from the wash (so they are in the shower until they dry) and another issue is clutter.  I can’t handle it.  There must be a place for everything and that is the current challenge.  My computer is in the living room because I’m the first up.  It’s set up on an end table with an ottoman as a chair.  Not the best solution, but one that I hope can work.

I’ve noticed some apartments now don’t have dining spaces.  It does have a large bar and with barstools this is now the “dining room”.  We had two dining areas in the house and only used one.


We are living in the apartment for 7-8 months.  I can’t wait to see how this all works out.  Are we definitely going to close Tuesday?  The house was a mess after the move which has taken 6 days to complete the move after the initial movers.  I’m glad we moved a week in advance of closing.  The garage and the storage room were the hardest areas to clear.  At the end I had a mound of garage at the street and was feverishly trying to get people to take furniture which went through “Offer Up” and a neighbor who took some tables and an armoire.  Then the mess.  Lots of vacuuming (the vacuum kept getting clogged) and scrubbing of the pantry shelves and we even had to do some major paint touch up in the laundry room so that it wasn’t a shock looking in there.

Our last meal at the house was tacos!  I’m going to miss the space!  We’ve done this before, only for 3 months! We will survive again.  Sadly my mood has turned pretty down, not sure if it’s the 6 day endurance of the move or a week with no exercise.  Weird.  Time to make it a point to do some cycling and running to see if it makes a difference.  My running route will change, funny how people are creatures of habit.



Progress not Perfection

College Move Day Not a Given

I’ve always thought my children would be on the path for college.  Life happens and that what I thought was a “given” turned out to be a maybe not.  Of course it’s not bad to not go to college.  In the absence of any other plan, college makes sense because you can further your education and knowlege and hopefully find a career with the experience.   All kinds of things can mess with this.  Just at lunch this weekend my husband said that he could have done without our hardship that we went through and asked me if I thought the same.  To be honest, as awful of a time we went through for a good two years, I came out a completely changed person.  And change is good.  It’s the hardships that you go through that make you appreciate your life.  The things that challenge you to see things differently.   I’m glad to be on the otherside of that really bad time.  I’ve gained freedom from codependency, a life of my own, letting go of control and the biggest, a deeper relationship with God.

So this is really a special time for me.  The fact that my daughter actually moved into an apartment to attend the University in the city is really great.  There are three things I wanted for my children.  The first is for them to be happy (which is totally up to them), the second was for them to be able to take care of themselves (hopefully as parents we have had a hand in helping that) and lastly that I survive long enough for them to be adults (This one I got!!!) .  My daughter is very smart and capable she just doesn’t know it.  I feel a little different from the mom’s that post their kids move in day. You just never know what someone goes through to get where they are.

So my daughter researched places to live and came up with a choice to live with 3 room mates she has never met.  It’s a brand new building in a not so good part of town.  The thing about that is, she has experience with this and knows a thing or two about getting around.  This from a girl used to the suburbs.    She is on the third floor with no elevator and her apartment is two story so there is another flight of stairs in the apartment.  She is paying for half so she has skin in the game.


I’ve tried to teach from what I have learned.  Some things may be good for her, somethings maybe not.  I am reminded of my college days.  I struggled and the struggle made me successful.  I don’t necessarily think that struggles need to be taken away, this is how we learn.  I don’t know, this is my philosphy.  It’s worked out for me so far.

College was a very stressful time for me.  Stress is just different now a days.  I look forward to the time when I can put that behind me and just be free to be comfortable.   I know that day will come.

College Move Day Not a Given

Texas Chain Saw Massacre

In preparation for selling our house , I am trying to tidy up some things.  It cost ways too much money to have landscapers do things.  There are some things I need them for that I can’t get too, like trimming the palms, they are just too tall.  I never thought I postage stamp size yard would require so much landscaping.   My husband says we live on 1/6 of an acre.  Anyway, the one day freeze reeked havoc on our plants.  I had to take out the 1 year old dwarf oleanders and trim back the bottle brush that were completely brown and were not coming back (this is where I used the chain saw).


I asked the neighbor if he would move his gazebo which currently houses farm rabbits. (I am pretty certain this is not allowed in our neighborhood…they smell like bat poop).  Anyway, he just said go for it.  I didn’t damage his gazebo and I tried really hard not too.  I have bottle brush tree dead limbs in my garage, behind the waterfall and behind the garage.  It’s going to take a lot of work to get it to the street for garbage pick up.  Ugh!

Next up was replacing the Italian cypress trees in planter boxes.  I fit these babies in a camaro!  whoo hoo!

italian cypress

Lastly for the backyard is the replacement of the oleanders.  I love the hot pink ones, but couldn’t get them in dwarf size.  So peach it is.  I waited at least a month for the local nursery to replenish supply.  They didn’t.  Oh well, this is for the new owners.


I think our backyard is nice.  My daughter and I enjoyed the hot tub last night.  So I am the pool man too and have had a hard time keeping the pool clean and algae free.  In our new place we will not have a pool.  I never thought I’d be ok without being around water. I am ok with it for now.  Our new place will have such a better layout and a large covered patio.

I will miss some things but not others.   I won’t miss the neighbor across the street with their cars.  I will miss my tennis club and friends, how convenient it is to get to the store. I’ll miss my one neighbor for sure.  Who would have thought after so long being here, she would be the one that I have the closest bond with?  Our lives have changed so much. I think it’s time for a change.  And I’m excited for our new adventure!



Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Moving on

After raising two kids, life has impeccable timing of changing things up.  My husband’s workplace is moving far enough to make the commute too long.  Plenty of people make an hour commute and think nothing of it.  We have talked a while about moving into a home with a more efficient use of space, just couldn’t decide where.  The job narrowed the decision for us.   To me it’s stressful uprooting from one place to another.  The logistics of selling and buying makes it almost impossible to time both perfectly.  We have looked at homes for sale and decided it works better to build.  Maybe if we could get Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer upper or the Property Brothers to transform a home for us, that would work.  However, that is unlikely.

We sold our first house to move into our current one and found success in selling then moving into an apartment during the build of the new house.  So this is the plan once again.  Searching for communities was the first step.  Where would you start?  We have plenty experience with what we like and don’t like about living in a community.  My first thought is space!  We have 4 cars now with two adult kids and parking is painful right now.  To top that off our neighbor across from us has 8 cars in their single narrow driveway.  In Texas you can really stretch out.  Maybe too much.  We found some home sites that are away from it all and on septic tank systems for waste.  We’ve experienced that and any problem with a septic tank to me is too much!  We’ve never had a problem being on a sewer system.  Next, an affordable master planned community.  Living in one has it’s pros and cons.  For one if you have deed restrictions, your property values should stay up. Sure it’s annoying to get a letter about your weeds in your flower beds.  However you won’t have to live next to someone who let’s it go too far.   Lastly, surroundings,  we narrowed the search to a few communities and the real deciding factor came down to the surroundings of the community.  One was a community that was buried in other communities.  It felt like an endless drive through communities to get to it.  And the other had a long road to it, you know sometimes you just like it or don’t and we just didn’t like it.  Maybe because there was no real business amenities that you need to get things done (grocery stores, restaurants, medical facilities, mechanics, do – it – yourself places, nurseries, etc.).  We found a nice community.  I’m concerned about it being close to a freeway, however it will make it convenient to get to all of the places we need to get things done.  Once in the community, you wouldn’t know there is a freeway close by.

We have picked a plan and a lot.  It’s hard to get exactly what you want, hence the compromise.  We will make it into something great!   To new beginnings!


Moving on