Hamilton Pool Dream Come True

Hamilton Pool is another Texas treasure!!!  This natural wonder is located just outside of Austin to the West.   You have to make reservations to go and there is no guarantee that you will be able to swim because of bacteria levels which are tested daily.  Reservations are from 9-1PM and 2PM-6PM.  This is my own opinion, but I think there are bats in the “grotto” and I would think that the unsafe bacteria specifically ecoli might have something to do with their poop.  That’s just a guess.   It’s worth the risk to make the 3 hour drive because you can still enjoy the view of this beauty which is quite spectacular.   And there are plenty of other things to do in the area. Determined to go, I made the reservations months ago.  Even if I had to go by myself. Fortunately, my mother-in-law, son, daughter and friend went with! Your reservation is by the carload and since we have smaller vehicles, it was worth it to rent a minivan.  I looked at this day trip as a mini vacation and treated it as such!  We were comfortable!

FullSizeRender (21).jpg

We began the 1/4 mile rough terrain to the water.  It really is steep in some places and rocky, the rocks aren’t even.  There isn’t anything to hang on to.  People lug their coolers, chairs and floats regardless!  There is no wheelchair access, which makes me sad because for people with disabilities this would be a huge challenge to go see and some would never go.


The vegetation kept the hot Texas sun away.  There are lots of mesquite trees and cypress as you get towards the water.  I’m standing on the “beach”  here taking my first picture. This is where we laid out some towels and I called it our base camp.  The beach is rocky crushed rock with good size stones.  Outside of the stunning beauty of the cave like curved roof with water gently falling into a clear green massive pool, I noticed these three very large catfish at the water’s edge.  They hung out there the entire time!  First things first, I wanted to explore!  You can walk in the cave all along it to the other side.



I thought bats were coming out of the swallow nests, but they aren’t.  If you look closely, you can see the muddy nests with a hole in the middle on the ceiling.


Here is a view of the beach from the other side…


Sometimes the water that falls is quite massive, on a day like today, it was picture perfect for standing under.


Under the waterfall is the rock where people jump in.  I swam around the pool.  At first I thought it was going to be freezing because the water temperatures are in the 60s year round.  It was cold at first, you quickly get used to it.  Even though the water looks clear along the edges, it isn’t as it gets deeper.  Still it’s a very pretty green.  Looking up at the water falling is pretty cool as you see the droplets take the plunge.  I could have spent the day here, however my crew is not the chilling type.  At least not here.  I’m guessing it’s because there is no cellular service.

The idea was to eat here, bringing in food.  However, for this group it was a better idea to go out to lunch/dinner.  We ended up going to Canyon Grill which is on lake Travis.  We had another amazing view and great food!  Fantastic day ! ❤


Hamilton Pool Dream Come True

It’s hotter than hell!

It’s mid July…and you guessed it…in Texas it’s hotter than hell!  This week it’s my turn to host bunco!  What is bunco?  It’s a game of dice that needs ideally at least 8 people that sit at two tables of four people to roll six’s on 3 dice.  I don’t even remember how to play anymore, however our group still get’s together!  We now just go out for dinner once a month or have a get together at someone’s house.  Since I am not a big entertainer, this is huge for me.  Once a year, I host at least 3 additional people to my current household…LOL!   We have a pool and a grill and I can cook.  We had fajitas and “poor man” Sangria… here is the recipe…

a glass

cut up some orange slices, a strawberry and add 3 black berries

add 1/2 a glass of Sprite Zero

the rest red wine

and whala, Sangria.

I made fajitas and  a snickerdoodle dessert that one of my bunco friends posted on Facebook.  It’s so funny that my friends asked who would make it…I was never asked or mentioned…hmmm.  Well my family thought it was the best thing I ever made.  So I’m going to go with that…yeah!

We had a great time in the hot tub…which by the way the light doesn’t work.  (now a weekend project).

My husband was to have a going a way party at our house for one of his co-workers. We’ve been here for about 15 years and well the shape of our house is not perfect. We do our own landscaping, cleaning and maintenance and it probably shows!  (not perfect).  I don’t feel really comfortable with people from his work here because things need painting, updating, maybe a little deeper cleaning…etc.  The pool has some black algae spots… what can you do?  I’m working on it.  It’s always something.

Oh well!  I love looking up homes for sale in various places (Texas/Florida).  Since we are going to visit California, I thought I would look there since at this time of year it is not as hot.  How does anyone live there?  We can live in a shack for 1/2  a million dollars there. In Texas that same 1/2 a million and even way less than that you can live in basically a mansion.  We had a man from the pest control service come out this week. He is from southern California and mentioned the same thing.  So hard to live there compared to here because of the expense. I’m really looking forward to that trip to see what it’s like to be in southern California.   What is it with the quest for California?  I know for me it’s the waves and the beach and the outdoors.

This weekend….tennis tennis and biking!  It’s so weird, I thought I would be in great shape over the summer training for the triatholon and I’ve actually gained weight!  What??? Seriously this is ridiculous!  I work out like a mad women.  I have a fitness tracker set with the max goal that I meet pretty much daily.  But, I eat and drink apparently too much ! Such a sad face there.  Still looking for balance!






It’s hotter than hell!