Choose Wisely Valentines

When you are young, you have an opportunity to pick a companion, most are going for one that will last a while.   There are many choices.  You really need to choose wisely.  This is not so easy to do.  How do you know what the future holds?

There is a movie scene in Indian Jones and the Last Crusade that reminds me of this choice.  In searching for the Holy Grail before entering the temple there were a series of goblets displayed.  Some sparkly decorated with jewels and carved craftsmanship.  The knight guard says only two words, “choose wisely”.  If you pick the correct goblet and drink from it, you will have eternal life while remaining within the temple.  Choose poorly and well…it doesn’t end well.

With twenty three years of marriage experience, I do have some knowledge about marriage.  Most importantly, you need to find someone that has the same overall goals.  Whether or not children are a plan for your family and to some extent how they will be raised religiously.   Other helpful things are your interests.  And how you work together on problems, because make no mistake, there will be problems.  Now the co-dependency issue, better not have this,  you both need to be strong independently.   And have your interests separately and together.  Be willing to give and compromise or find middle ground.  It helps not to criticize.  And some things I’ve learned from recovery, validate and take responsibility for what is yours…applies here as well.

Does this seem like sound advise?  Just realize, when you get old, your body will too.   You won’t always look as good as you do in your twenties.  Looks will fade, for everyone.  So understand there is more to a relationship than a youthful attractive appearance alone.  Always be truthful and loyal.   Establish, recognize and respect who is responsible for what and ask for what you need.

I met my husband in my twenties and at the time knew what I was looking for.  I completed my education, and could take care of myself.  I had dated, knew I wanted a family and tried to find someone that would match up with my vision of the future.  I met my spouse at work.  We solved a mutual problem for a customer together.  I think that is a great start.  I love that story.  Thinking back now, it seems like it was easier times.  It wasn’t, just seems like it now.  He plays old music that makes me think back to those times and how much older we are now.

My husband celebrates 1/2 a century of life.  Of which he has been with me for almost half the time.  Hard to believe.  No one goes through life skating through.  We’ve had our ups and downs too.  The most important thing is to stick with it.  Of course if there is abuse, you have to get out.  Luckily this has never been the case.  I asked God a long time ago to help me find a person that would be my life companion.  And I promised to be a good mother.  I choose wisely.



Choose Wisely Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day

What comes to mind for me when I think of Valentine’s Day is dinner, chocolates in a heart shaped box and flowers!  And when I was a kid the little valentine cards we would bring for our class mates.  I think it is a sweet gesture to say something kind to your classmates especially when  you are really young.  Going out to dinner is crazy now a days. Most places are packed with a long wait unless you have made reservations well in advance.

Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year.  It’s definitely a night in for us.  So I decided to decorate the table.   The family noticed right away and while it’s not the decor I would like all year, it is fun to have it for a couple of days.  It was cheap too  (and maybe a little cheesy).  I think they like the little extra sparkle that comes around this day and definitely the chocolates!  Although my daughter says, “that is so extra”. And yes, it’s extra special for you 🙂


Looking through Pinterest I found some cute heart shaped meals.  We did a heart shaped pizza last year.  I like to try different things.  Chocolate covered strawberries will be for dessert!

I decided to do a little adult craft while looking for heart shaped cookie cutters, I saw a bunch of corks in my drawer.  I’m certainly not great at crafts and probably spent too much time messing with this today when I had so much to do.  But oh well, sometimes you have to bring the creative out.


If you love your family by cooking for them, then maybe you can appreciate this plan.  We are starting the day with heart shaped cinnamon rolls and red sprinkles!  For my daughter she will get her belated Valentine’s breakfast tomorrow.  Fried heart egg (using a heart shaped cookie cutter for the yolk).  For dinner, pasta carbonara for the boys with salad, heart shaped garlic rolls (using frozen dough) and salad with heart shaped cucumbers.  My daughter and I will have salmon salad.   And to start the day each of the kiddos get a box of assorted chocolates with a special Valentine’s day note.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I read the history, one story is that St. Valentine performed wedding ceremonies for soldiers during a time that was forbidden for soldiers to marry.  St. Valentine is said to be a Christian and healed children.   True or not, I’m thankful for the celebration of love.  ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day